Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Snap Shot


Hazel at 5 months.

She is laughing out loud, and it is so cute!  The first time she really cackled was at Cy for acting silly on Uncle Brian’s boat.  He was purposely falling over and over and she would just explode with laughter.  I got it on video luckily!  Since then Cy can pretty much always get her to giggle.  He is a pretty silly boy.  Cruz on the other hand…  well, he keeps trying!  She sure has eyes for CY though!  Both Cy and Cruz are so sweet to her- holding her, signing songs, whispering sweet nothings in her ear!  Cruz loves to ask her what she is doing and then say- GOOD GIRL over and over!  He treats her kind of like a puppy!  And Cy has full blown conversations with her.  He understands the importance of learning real words, and how to talk correctly!  The other day Jamie heard him explaining to Hazel where she came from.   See Hazel, God took a little piece of Daddy and a little piece of mommy and made you in Mommy’s belly!   He is such a good listener.  Cruz on the other hand- once again, he is on the other hand a lot!  We have really been struggling with his disobedience lately.  It seems nothing works.  And he has absolutely no VOLUME control!  He can’t just talk at a normal decibel, its always a scream.  He can be so sweet and loving when he wants to, I just wish he wanted to more often!

Both Cy and Cruz had promotion celebrations this year at school.  They sang several songs and have loved performing these songs over and over to friends and family that couldn’t be at the school programs.  We are so proud of how much the boys are learning.  Cy is an amazing reader now- he walks around the house with a book in his face, the kid reads non-stop.  His favorites are Green Eggs and Ham, Pete the Cat’s Lunch, and Go Dog Go.  We caught him reading one of Daddy’s John Grisham books one day!  He didn’t want us to trade it out when we told him its not his level- hey I know a lot of those words though!  Cruz loved Science and music class at preschool.  In Science they learned what boogers and poop are and where they come from (a hit with any 4 year old boy!) and they even made them!  What a scientific experiment huh?  That’s one way to get kids excited about learning!

Hazel has learned to sit up and crawl on our summer vacation in Florida.  Which is unfortunate because our tile condo floor is not the best place to be rockin and rollin, crawling and wobbily sitting!  There have been several bonks, but she is so tough.  That bottom lip goes out for a second but she is comforted quickly.  She loves for Cy to read to her- and he does it in such a sweet voice.  He is always asking how he can help me and is so thoughtful.  Cruz on the other hand….  Just kidding, he really is sweet when he is asleep!  Kidding!  He is a mess right now, I will just leave it at that!